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Dane County Housing Initiative (DCHI)

DCHI is a public-private partnership of residents, elected officials, financial institutions, housing developers, school districts, private sector employers, local government staff, non-profit housing agencies and interested stakeholders. DCHI works to develop a network of information and resources, facilitate communication and learning, and help build strategies and decision-making capacity to expand housing options in Dane County. DCHI is a program of the Dane County Planning and Development Department.

Olivia Parry
DCHI Coordinator
Senior Planner
Dane County Planning & Development Department

2019 Dane County Housing Initiative Steering Committee Members

  • Kathryne Auerback, Movin Out
  • Matt Allie, AHAA
  • Abby Attoun, City of Middleton
  • Bill Boegiter, Baker, Tilly
  • Mary Brown, NAACP emeritus and resident
  • Theola Carter, Dane County Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Mike Davis, City of Middleton
  • Brian Driscoll, Madison Gas & Electric
  • Joyce Frey, City of Fitchburg
  • Rob Dicke, Dane County Housing Authority
  • Steve Hanrahan, Habitat for Humanity
  • Carol Johnson, Mt. Horeb EDC
  • Kathy Kamp, Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development
  • Joe Oby, Dane County Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Kurt Paulsen, Planning and Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • George Petak, WHEDA
  • Dayna Sarver, City of Verona
  • Nicole Solheim, Gorman and Co.
  • Ann Smith, Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Steinhoff, Capital Area Regional Plan Commission
  • Ethan Tabakin, City of Madison